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Celebration Papers

Celebration Papers

Celebration Papers

Celebration Papers Celebration Papers
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We want your party to POP with our handmade party products and holiday gifts! party supplies birthday decoration party decor.

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Easter with Celebration Papers!

 We love to make parties POP. And we love to make your Spring and Easter POP too! Check out out our holiday products!  


Shirts to make your life POP at Celebration Papers!

We love to make parties POP! Now you can get custom t shirts form use for holidays, parties, or gifts.


Custom Order Requests

Need something changed? Want a custom order? Need something we just don't seem to have?

Just email us or contact me through Facebook messenger and we will work with you to create that special party decoration you need. Contact button below! party supplies party decorations birthday decoration


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We are More Than you Think

We have a real love for parties and holidays


We started Celebration Papers as a way to make custom party decorations for children's party themes that the box stores didn't carry. Not only do we create custom banners for your party theme ideas but we also make centerpieces, welcome signs, and party favors to match your party theme ideas. After a while we thought wouldn't it be great to design decorations for the holidays too. So, we added holiday banners, centerpieces, party favors, and photo props for holidays. Now with a name like Celebration Papers one would thing we only use paper. But with the adding of custom wreaths, gift ideas for teachers, and t-shirts we have added new products and medium to Celebration Papers. But we are still the same old Celebration Papers ready to assist with party ideas, party decorations ideas, party favors ideas, and holiday decorations ideas as well.


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We are so excited to help you at our event. Send us a message at https://m.me/celebrationpapers, to ask us a question! 

We'll get back to you soon! party supplies birthday decoration party decorations

Celebration Papers

Severn, Maryland, United States

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